About Us

Sam Paradise
Founder & Manager  Juni Uni Preschool

Raised by her Grandmother from humble beginnings, grew the inspiration to create a special place for other children of all walks of life and recreate the meaningful family values she was raised with, that taught her the importance a simple meal shared around a table makes or the pleasure of baking a cake together around the kitchen bench.

Juni Uni Preschool began in Tauranga a decade ago to provide quality, affordable education and care to all families whilst providing a balance between structured activities and children’s interests. Recognising routines as the daily fabric that weaves a partnership between child and teacher, creating memories and giving children a sense of stability through routine.

During this time, we have grown alongside our families and expanded our reach throughout other regions.  It gives us pleasure to see siblings join us and great pride to farewell our graduates onto the next step of their learning journey.

“We celebrate our successes, learn from our mistakes and approach new challenges with courage and commitment.”

Days at Juni

Our passion is caring.

Our daily rhythmn consists of a balance between free play and the structure of routines, both child and teacher directed experiences.

While we highly value free play, we also believe that children benefit from clear boundaries and structured activities/experiences.
We place strong emphasis on providing an emergent curriculum that recoginses, responds to, and supports the individual discoveries, interests, and experiences of every child, as we recognise that children learn best through experiences of significance and importance to them. Through sharing, exploring and extending these experiences, more meaningful learning opportunities can arise.

At Juni Uni we believe in aiming high in never underestimating a child’s potential. We strive to help children develop a strong sense of self awareness, the confidence to believe in themselves – we encourage them to reach their fullest potential and excel through being aware of their own individual strengths and achievements.

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